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We think that a photograph sometimes can tell more than a whole book, so we would like to share the results of our numerous trips all over Poland with other people similar to us: loving the climate of old castles, palaces & churches, with people who  know how to appreciate the beauty of  scenery and widely represented nature. 

You will not find here any descriptions of sites or monuments - that was not our purpose. Such information is available on many other pages on the internet, we are enclosing  some links within. 

What we wanted to show is what we liked most, and what we wanted to preserve in pictures in a better or worse way.  

We are not professional photographers, so please be indulgent. For us, the most important was the subject itself, if the photo turned out to be good, our satisfaction was even greater, after all the efforts which we had to take in order to get there:  ours trips sometimes were very long, sometimes difficult because of hard ground conditions or bureaucratic reasons. 

We hope you enjoy visiting our pages, and we invite you to visit the beautiful sites in Poland.

Na naszym miniblogu, we wpisie: GDZIE NA WEEKEND? A MOŻE NA DŁUŻSZY WYPAD LUB CAŁY URLOP? znajdziesz poszerzoną "instrukcję obsługi" i kilka naszych dobrych rad - mamy nadzieję - przydatnych przy planowaniu wycieczek po Polsce.
Ewa i Marek Wojciechowscy

P.S. If you will find somewhere in internet an interesting page in common field, please let us know, we will visit it and make a link to it on our page.

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Fanów obiektów zabytkowych w Polsce zachęcamy do udziału w tworzeniu strony Uratowane obiekty zabytkowe w Polsce, która ma służyć właśnie Wam jako zbiór użytecznych linków i informacji o uratowanych obiektach zabytkowych w Polsce, wartych zobaczenia i odwiedzenia w czasie weekendów lub dłuższych wycieczek.

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